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Next Generation
Masternode Based Betting

Decentralized, Super Easy Masternode, Maximizing Return of Investment by Gambling, Making Ecosystem

What is

The Leviathan Masternode Construction System allows you to build Leviathan Masternodes and other masternodes through Leviathan Coin, and investors can conveniently use all contents of the platform through Leviathan Coin.

Why ?

The chronic “de-display”

"Entrance barriers" due to complex software operations and high deployment costs, credible "absence of relay platforms"

It was created to solve the lack of content to be poured out.

Easy to consist masternode

1. Exchange
2. SEND LVT Wallet to Other
3. Consist of Automatic Masternode.

Easy to consist masternode

Level 1: ‘socialcontract’:With a Minimum Required demand of 3000 LVT
Level 2: ‘commonwealth':Minimum required demand of 7000 LVT,1st stage 2 months of maintenance
Level 3: 'Leviathan':Minimum required demand of 15,000 LVT, 2nd stage 2 2nd stage 2 maintenance
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Easy to used
First and

Leviathan Masternode
Compensation Distribution Economic Model

You can get a return of investment (ROI) through the built-up Leviathan master node. If you use another Leviathan coin Once constructed, investors can receive ROI in two forms. Investors can tailor ROI payments to their investment preferences and circumstances. You can make a strategic choice. Through the image, we propose an economic model of new compensation distribution system.

Coin synthesis system

Coin synthesis system is a game content that can acquire a higher price cryptocurrency with a random probability by putting a total of four cryptocurrencies.

Coin Random Box

Coin random box is a funny content that can acquire random coins with a simple click, unlike coin synthesis system. Similarly, information is stored in blocks, making it impossible to manipulate the probability. In addition, if you acquire a coin below B grade, the probability of obtaining a higher grade coin increases, which is cumulatively applied. This is because investors may feel frustrated if they try to open the same coin box several times and keep getting coins below b grade. Therefore, the player who attempts it several times will have the corresponding advantage.

Random coin rullette

Percentage Coin Name
S Rating 0.10% 1 BTC
0.20% 0.8 BTC
0.30% 0.5 BTC
0.70% 0.3 BTC
A Rating 1.50% 2 ETH
3.00% 1 ETH
6.10% 0.5 ETH
B Rating 12.50% 5 EOS
25% 3 EOS
C Rating 50.60% 100 XRP

Leviathan Mobile Sharing

Likewise, in the case of sharing, the Leviathan Masternode reward distribution economic model is applied, providing two options, allowing investors to safely and freely manage their assets. The masternode formed by sharing will also implement a mobile chat system in which groups can freely share their opinions.

Levithan Gambling Bay

The third core system, Leviathan Gambling Bay, will provide investors with the most thrilling and exciting experience on our platform. Our gambling bay is a system that maximizes profits.


We have big plans for the future of Levithan.
2019 Q1
2019 Q2
2019 Q3
2019 Q4
2019 Q5

Planning Phase

Planning of Leviathan.


Our Development Team figured out the solution to chronic problem in the current masternode market

Development Phase.

In this phase we developed a prototype to check if the system is good for initial release.

Gambling Station.

We added a gambling station for the investor to earn while enjoying the game.

Release of Mobile Application and Coin Synthesis System

We Released the Mobile Application and Coin Synthesis System.



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Web Designer and Content Writer
He a College Student who is taking BSIT. Currently Audrey Petriski is a working student and work as a Web Designer and Content Writer for LVT. "I am a person who experience hard labor in China because of low pay of work. I experience many type of jobs. Like Computer Technician, Hardware Technician, Pilot Gamer, Merchandiser and Call Center Agent. Living in th China is hard because of low pay of work. I am currently a freelancer at Freelancer.com and maintain high satisfaction rate. As a working student I experienced the struggle of working while studying. Knowing how hard living on your own is the greatest motivation for me to become so much more. " Audrey Petriski is a type of person who would do everything to make my life better."

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Project Advisor
Experienced Business Administration with a demonstrated history of working in Handling business for 2 years and 9 months. Skilled in Self-management, Advertising, Decision-Making, Public Speaking, group leading, I work as a Done many case study on consumer behaviour and importance of brand promotion and Market Research. Strong sales & national international marketing professional. Nothing is impossible in this world if we planned everything , proper planning is only the key of success.

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Maddison Harper is a Analytical person with knowledge in IT field, sales, office administration and excellent customer service skills. The future of her kids are her greatest motivation to success. Currently working as Marketer and Planner for LVT,"High Returns With Low Risk is the Key - Aubrey Howard"

Mitchi Nishi

Head Marketing and Community Manager
I have worked in the cryptocurrency field, for over 5 years, with my last position being Head Marketing for LVT cryptocurrency. I am not just a in advertising; I have worked for many cryptocurrency throughout my career, “The easiest way to manage your money is to take it one step at a time and not worry about being perfect.” -Mitchi Nishi

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Hirohito Oye is a person who focuses on the company towards its goal. Hirohito is an Experienced Administrator for many different companies. Hirohito is a Investor who is great with predicting the value of investment. “The ability to focus attention on important things is a defining characteristic of intelligence.” – Hirohito Oye